The Underground, overground!

Hello! Welcome to The Underground Overground, I’m Aidan and I’ve set myself a challenge to walk the Underground, overground in one year!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 18.08.45

As well as being a great challenge for me to get fitter and healthier, there’s a charitable reason for all this walking. In 2013 my brother Kieran passed away and since then, I’ve aimed to raise or donate money to the charity he always supported, The Children’s Society. A couple of years ago I did a walking marathon with my Mum also to raise money so I decided it was time for my next fundraising challenge.

I partly picked this challenge having recently watched the ‘All The Stations’ series on Youtube (link here if you’re interested!) and wanted to do something similar so I decided walking all the stations on the underground would be something I could do. It’s not quite all the stations in the UK but unfortunately my job gets in the way for me to do something quite like that!

So, here are the ‘rules’ as such (and the couple of caveats I’ve added to make it more achievable!)

I will walk each London Underground line (not in one go!) and visit each and every station.

1) I’m not walking every bit of track so I can take fewer dog legs (e.g. I can go Ealing Broadway direct to Hanger Lane, rather than going back to North Acton junction).

2) There may be bits where some form of transport is needed (e.g. Heathrow T123 & the sections between Canada Water & Canning Town) where walking to the stations is either impossible or would require massive dog legs. However, I will try and walk as many sections as possible.

If you’d like to donate to my cause you can donate on my just giving page hereYou can also keep up to date with how I’m doing and see what I’ve spotted along the way by following my FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

I’ve enlisted the help of my wife Beth to keep the accounts up to date and help me with the blog writing, she may even join me on parts of the route so you may see her appear on the Instagram from time to time too! I’m also hoping that with her involvement I’ll be motivated to keep up with my challenge throughout the year.

We’re starting with the Waterloo and City line today (see Instagram and Facebook for photos!) and I will finish with either the Central line or the Metropolitan line in December. We’ll be writing about each day’s walking on here as I go and we’ll be keeping the social media up to date between times with interesting sights along the way and how well the fundraising’s going.

For now, thanks for stopping by, I’ll let you know about our Waterloo and City Line walk next week.

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